Dear Fellow German Shepherd Dog Enthusiast,


The Working German Shepherd Dog Promotion Association seeks neither your money nor loyalty and we will not utilize dogmatic (no pun intended) ideals, peer pressure, social media or propaganda in an attempt to influence your opinions; where you compete with your canine partner or thoughts. We merely hope that your loyalty will vest in your canine partner, your training peers and your German Shepherd --Nothing more and nothing less. Doing what is best for you is best for the breed.

It is our belief that dog sport trials constitute a viable path to show case your training provided that they are well run, fair and characterized by integrity (not having even the appearance of impropriety).   

Towards such ends, we believe that the following platform will enable all of us to conform to the FCI Directives that were announced during the recent FCI Championship and confirmed, subsequently in writing: 

As we know, there are two WUSV-SV affiliated organizations in the United States (meaning the United Schutzhund Clubs of America and the German Shepherd Dog Club of America) that offer their members opportunities for IGP titles, SV – recognized conformation ratings and breed surveys. One of those organizations (the GSDCA) also offers pedigrees through its ultimate parent organization, the American Kennel Club which is a contract partner with the FCI.  Any member in current and good standing of either WUSV-SV organization in the United States is entitled to an honorary (aka “free”) individual membership with the WGSDPA for access to AWDF events with their GSD, subject of course to any standard requirements such as proper filling out of an entry form, payment of trial fee, providing proof of vaccinations, etc. This includes a direct path to the 2020 AWDF Championship.

Such Honorary Memberships will be made available from October 1, 2019 but application requests will be accepted from today.  The application form can be found at   

The WGSDPA will also, as of October 1, 2019, issue scorebooks under the AWDF Umbrella. The link to apply is

However, given the fact that the WGSDPA will recognize scorebooks from BOTH WUSV-SV affiliated organizations in the United States (please see notation, below), we anticipate that the need for a scorebook will be minimal.

*  The WGSDPA scorebooks will be issued in accordance to FCI and AWDF Guidelines.

* GSDCA Scorebooks - No Qualifications Meaning No Date Restrictions. All GSDCA-SV Scorebooks Are Accepted by the AWDF With an Honorary Individual WGSDPA Membership Card as per the FCI Directive.

*USCA Scorebooks - Scorebooks Issued Prior to October 01, 2019 accepted at AWDF Events with an Honorary Individual WGSDPA Membership Card so that the AWDF can comply with the FCI Directive. 

These offerings constitutes a viable method which will survive the test of time and require only slight modifications if the GSDCA SV and USCA adhere to the directives of their ultimate parent organization (September 15, 2019 deadline) or if the FCI and WUSV SV enter into a new cooperative pact.

Please note that the WGSDPA is also working with other AWDF Member Clubs to establish a Training Helper and Trial Helper Certification Program. We already have a number of very-accomplished helpers who have agreed to be part of the Faculty (and will reach out to others soon) and the First National Helper Academy will be held at the 2020 AWDF Championship. These Helper Programs are NOT mutually exclusive which means Faculty Members of the Helper Academy(s) of course have the right to seek or maintain Teaching Helper Status with Helper Programs of Other Organizations. To require otherwise is draconian.  

Please further note that we are a breed representative club within the AWDF and will not comport ourselves as a multi-breed sport club. We will, however, do our best to support and work with all existing organizations within the FCI regulations. You will see tangible proof of this soon, as we have patiently waited for directives from abroad. We will also ask both the GSDCA and USCA to nominate two individuals each from their respective organizations to join our Board of Directors. We will not give up in re the hope that cooperation can rule the day.

Also, a Tracking Certification Program will be established before or debuted at the 2020 AWDF Championship, as will an inter-organizational judges’ workshop (FCI Judge(s) To Lead the Workshop) which will be open to ALL organizations’ judges, including those not directly affiliated with the AWDF. The time for exclusion, bickering, sabotage and casting aspersions has passed us by; the impression created by all of the bickering  is quite frankly embarrassing and it is obvious that such behavior is frowned upon by international overseeing organizations.

If you have questions, please contact the WGSDPA, or your organization’s president and if you do not like or trust the answer, consider the electoral process or switching organizations. There is a lot of incorrect information on the Internet, so please effectuate your own due diligence. If we can be of use in that regard, please use the contact form and email us your question. 



The Working German Shepherd Dog Promotion Association 



GSDCA SV Scorebook (for a GSD) and WGSDPA Membership Card = 

WGSDPA Will Process Your Entry For the 2020 AWDF Championship and other AWDF Events. 

USCA Scorebook Issued Prior to October 1, 2019 (for a GSD) and WGSDPA Membership Card = WGSDPA Will Process Your Entry For the 2020 AWDF Championship and other AWDF Events.