The Working German Shepherd Dog Promotion Association (WGSDPA) was established to promote representation of the German Shepherd Dog at the annual American Working Dog Federation IGP Championship. Additionally, the WGSDPA seeks to promote the appreciation for and awareness  of the German Shepherd Dog's utilitarian aspects that benefit and serve mankind.  

The WGSDPA is of the belief that promotion of effective and humane training and evaluation techniques is integral to its purpose. Towards such ends, the WGSDPA will promote seminars, judges' workshops and various programs under the American Working Dog Federation banner. 

Eventually, the WGSDPA seeks to support German Shepherd Dogs and their Handlers who participate in other dogsports recognized by the AWDF, such as Mondio Ring and Herding.  

Please note that memberships are issued free of charge but only to individuals who have demonstrated commitment to the German Shepherd Dog by joining one or both of the WUSV SV recognized organizations in the United States. Such current members can apply for honorary guest memberships to enter the AWDF Championship or a local AWDF trial for sport purposes although we recommend that GSD handlers enter the local trials of a WUSV SV recognized organization since such titles are needed for breed surveys and koreklass ratings. 

We thank you for your interest in the WGSDPA.


Board of directors

James A Honda

Sean Grogan

 Donna Lerner 

 Mike Wenrich 

 Vicki Wooters 

Statement of Non-Discrimination


The WGSDPA renounces any form of discrimination as defined by applicable local, state or federal law. In short, WGSDPA requires that its organization and any affiliates comport themselves in a non-hostile environment, free of consideration of the following MARRS factors (AKA "Do Not go to MARRS"):

M- Marriage (Marital Status shall not be considered as a factor in assignments, judging performance, etc.).

A-Age-(Age shall not be considered a factor in assignments, judging performance, etc. The only time age shall be considered is if a minor requires parent consent to engage in a given activity [e.g. -a Helper Seminar]). 

R-Race-(Race shall not be considered a factor in assignments, judging performance, etc.). 

R-Religion (Religion shall not be considered a factor in assignments, judging performance, etc.). All requests for religious accomodation, such as participating in a trial but being exempt from required participation on an established religious observation day, shall be fully discussed and considered, with possible attainment of an advisorty opinion from counsel and /or the local commission on human rights). 

S-Sex (Sex as in gender bias or harassment. No preference shall be effectuated on the basis of gender. Those in an official capacity shall never create even the appearance of impropriety and refrain from making any statement, gesture or demand for sexual favors or any type of action that could be even remotely construed as such). 

Our policy also requires that veteran status not be a grounds for discrimination. While we understand anti-war dispositions, we are extremely grateful to our Veterans for protecting our country and freedoms and thus, recognize that veteran status is a protected class in terms of both federal and state statutory protection. The WGSDPA's predecessor, Free Dog Hundesport provided a free trial entry pass to all who served in uniform, not only veterans but police and firefighters as well.

Violations- Please report purported violations to the President of the WGSDPA in writing, providing as much details as possible. If your complaint is against the President of the WGSDPA, please send your complaint to the President of the American Working Dog Federation with a copy to the Secretary.